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Age: 7, Male, Black/African Descent; Child ID: C1291
This tough little guy is all about playing football the best that he can. He likes to play defense because he finds tackling the other team exciting. When he isn’t playing football, he watche...
Age: 12, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1161
Joshua likes to think of himself as funny. But others say he's the quiet, respectful type who's sweet and responsible.
Age: 16, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C993
Plunging down steep hills, zooming through tunnels and hanging upside-down are Matthew’s idea of a perfect day. This active teenager loves go...
Age: 10, Female, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1218
Erica joyfully responds to familiar people, sounds, and smells.  She enjoys being cuddled and read to, listening to classical music, and the sounds of other children playing nearby. ...
Age: 16, Female, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C775
Meet Cami!  Cami is a 16 year old girl who loves to be the center of attention!  She is outgoing, talkative and personable!  Camiwill be entering the 10th grade for the 2015-201...
Age: 17, Female, Black/African Descent; Child ID: C310
I am an extremely active girl.  I enjoy dancing, singing and gymnastics.  But most of all I love riding my bike.  I have ridden for miles at a time.  Hopefully my new family wil...
Age: 16, Female, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1281
Marissa is a 15 year old girl who is very excited about finding her forever family. She loves to be silly and enjoys listening to pop music and dancing around. Marissa loves any books or movies abo...
Age: 12, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1241
Cody is an active 10 year old boy who enjoys swimming, playing outside, and playing video games.  Cody generally does well in school.  Cody likes a consistent environm...
Age: 16, Female, Black/African Descent; Child ID: C1308
Zamyia is a quiet girl who loves to be around family. She always has a smile on her face and can make anyone else smile as well. She is a typical teenager who loves to do teenage things such as wat...
Age: 15, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1543
Adam likes to rap and play basketball for fun. He is able to freestyle and likes to write his own lyrics. Adam would like to be an engineer or a professional basketball player one day. He enjoys wo...
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