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Age: 17, Female, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1656
Riann is seventeen and in need of a forever home. Riann loves music and plays in the band. Riann enjoys taking care of animals. Riann enjoys living in the country. Riann is confident...
Age: 21, Female, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C135
Katelyn is an intelligent young lady in search of a forever family.  She needs an adult(s) who can guide her into adulthood and provide structure and supervision.  Katelyn would like a pa...
Age: 2, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1795
Julius is an adorable, sweet two-year-old boy who loves to play with his toys, explore around the house, and being held.
Cameran & Christian
Sibling Group (2); Group ID: G180
Cameran and Christian are brothers that get along well. They are active and love playing in the backyard. They like pets and currently live with dogs, a cat, and a ferret. Christian especially like...
Age: 15, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C603
Johnny is a wonderful boy with a huge heart for animals and a love for the outdoors.  Johnny would rather be hiking, biking, running, or taking the dog for a walk than sitting inside.&nbs...
Age: 17, Female, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C144
Danielle is an 17 year old female. Danielle's hobbies include singing and playing her DS. Danielle can be very sweet and loving. Danielle tries hard to please others around her. She would love to ...
Age: 15, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1052
Mikey is a very energetic and social young man who enjoys spending time with his friends. He likes going to friends’ ho...
Age: 19, Female, Black/African Descent; Child ID: C1030
This sweet and kind teen is very into fashion. Darricka always matches her clothes, does her make-up well and styles her hair...
Jace and Colten
Sibling Group (2); Group ID: G343
Colten and Jace are an active and fun sibling group that will keep you on your toes! Colten and Jace are bonded to each other and can get along well, but need some help in this area. They...
Age: 10, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1557
Brian is 9 years old and quite the character.  He is very active and has a great sense of humor.  Brian enjoys entertaining others by dancing, singing and showing off.  He has a grea...
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