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Steven and Shana

Group Details
Group ID: G225
Status: Active

Group Profile

Steven and Shana are loving siblings that need a forever home. Eleven year old Steven and nine year old Shana are energetic children who love the outside, love to fish, love to play, enjoy watching movies, and enjoy animals. Steve also enjoys art while Shana enjoys coloring and shopping.

Through consistent therapy, each child has grown and has shown an increase in positive behaviors.

Desired Family

A forever family that would benefit Steven and Shana would be a teaching family that would be supportive, consistent, energetic, forgiving, structured, and would provide supervision and one-on-one attention to each of them. This family would also continue to teach Steven and Shana how to act appropriately and also teach life skills that they will need as adults. Most importantly, the forever family will need to love these just like the kids will love them.