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Maranza & Rocco

Group Details
Group ID: G342
Status: Active

Group Profile

Maranza is a sweet and kind-hearted young girl. She loves playing outside, going to the zoo and attending summer camp every year. Maranza enjoys music and art and can be very creative. She also enjoys attending church.

Rocco is an active young boy who enjoys playing basketball and swimming. Rocco is polite and can be very helpful to others. He also enjoys attending church and summer camp.

This sibling group is in need of permanency and they would benefit from continued counseling and a family who can be supportive and nurturing yet provide clear expectations and structure to their world.

For more information about Maranza and Rocco you can contact their worker Judie Sturgill at (330)379-1812 or at jsturgill@summitkids.org.