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Phoneix & Teegan

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Group ID: G363
Status: Active

Group Profile

Teegan is a funny, a happy-go-lucky boy. He tends to go with the flow and not much bothers him. He loves video games, TV and superheroes. He is very good in math. Teegan gets along well with others and makes friends easily.

Phoneix is a very sensitive and protective boy. He loves to draw, play with Legos, watch TV and movies and is really into superheroes. Phoneix is close to his brother and younger sister. He tends to put others' needs before his own. Phoneix tries to see good in most situations and is very family oriented.

For more information about Teegan & Phoneix, please contact their worker, Darlene Neff, at (330) 379-1947 or at dneff@summitkids.org.