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Personal Details
Child ID: C1341
Status: Active
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Black/African Descent

Child Profile

Meet Christopher or CJ as he like to be called! CJ is in need of a loving, experienced adoptive home. CJ loves to watch cartoons, especially Nick Jr. and Disney Jr. CJ also loves super heroes; his favorite is Spiderman. He enjoys playing on the computer or iPad. CJ has a large matchbox car collection that he will play with often. In warm weather, CJ loves to ride his bike or scooter. He also enjoys playing on the trampoline and swing set.

CJ needs to be the only or youngest child in the home. He loves one-on-one attention and does best when he receives it from his caregivers. He loves to be around other people and be the center of attention. He loves being active and going to the YMCA and participating in sports like soccer and baseball. CJ has a great smile and can be a great helper. CJ gets frustrated easily and needs help in learning to handle his frustrations.


Desired Family

CJ is in need of an adoptive home that understands all of his long-term needs and possesses the hands-on parenting skills that will be required of his forever family. CJ's adoptive family must be able to navigate the medical world as well. He would love a family with a large back yard and lots of room to play. CJ is extremely high needs and requires a family with a great deal of patience and experience. An adoptive home with medical knowledge is a must.