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Personal Details
Child ID: C1682
Status: Active
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Child Profile

Ricky is a very sweet, soft-spoken young man who is looking forward to meeting his forever family as soon as possible. His therapist describes him as the perfect kid for a family who wants to cuddle, converse and stay connected.

Ricky is a huge animal lover and has a knack for taking care of his pets. He likes horses, cats, dogs, anything that walks on 4 legs. Ricky also enjoys doing art projects. He can draw well and uses art to express himself.

Ricky is in the 11th grade. He enjoys Math.

Ricky would like to have a mom. He would also like to have a dad as long as Dad is "really gentle." He is also looking for someone who will have ingredients in the kitchen so he can cook. And, most important, he wants someone who will tuck him into bed at night.

Desired Family

Ricky needs a family who can give him a lot of attention and help him manage his emotions appropriately. Ricky will do  best in a home as the only sibling so he can get the attention he craves and learn to love life and laugh again.