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Personal Details
Child ID: C1832
Status: Active
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Child Profile

Ten-year-old Carter is an affectionate boy who loves to give hugs and exchange nurturing words. He wants reassurance that he is valued by his caregivers, so a physically affectionate family that says "I love you" is ideal. In turn, Carter is the kind of child who writes notes, draws pictures, and picks flowers for those special to him (and he expects the same in return). He is typically soft-spoken and polite. He enjoys arts and crafts, coloring, watching Paw Patrol, and playing with his Hot Wheels. Carter's interest in cars goes beyond toys. He associates people with their vehicles and has an excellent memory for makes and models. Carter will remember your car just about as well as he'll remember your name, and he likes to talk about the vehicle's features and compare them to other cars he's been in.

Other interests and favorites include his beloved Nintendo DS and his mp3 player. He plays team basketball, though he has more non-athletic interests and talents; sports just aren’t a big thing for him. He likes to play outside in the yard, use the swing set/jungle gym, walk the dog, and jump on the trampoline. Interestingly enough, Carter likes to clean! Imagine that! A ten-year-old boy who willingly (and happily) cleans his room and puts away his own laundry! He enjoys rearranging furniture, too, and will want to be able to do that in his new home (especially his bedroom). For whatever reason, it's just something he enjoys to do.

Desired Family

Carter needs to be the youngest (by far) or only child in his adoptive family. He will do well in a two parent household or a single parent household IF that parent has a support system already in place. Carter likes animals and wants a pet to claim as his own. He helps care for the cats and dogs in his foster home.

Though not diagnosed with a learning disability, Carter has special education needs that require tutoring and parental advocacy to ensure he is academically successful. His family will also need to ensure that his special behavioral and mental health needs are met through intensive psychological and psychiatric services. Carter wants to be able to touch base with his foster mom after he moves, too. Phone calls, letters, and social media exchanges (through mom or dad's Facebook, for example) will do him a wealth of good. If his adoptive family ends up living close enough, he will want to visit foster mom now and again, too.

Carter cannot be in a home with weapons of any kind. Multiple professionals who have been working with Carter (and know him well) have determined this is not negotiable. Carter does not feel safe in a home with weapons; he does not feel safe around individuals who use or have quick access to weapons; and he is not comfortable with the idea of hurting or killing animals for any reason. No guns, no knives, and no hobbies/sports/collections (fencing/skeet shooting/hunting/antiques or taxidermy on the wall) that use weapons or are weapon related.