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Personal Details
Child ID: C1850
Status: Active
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Multi-Racial

Child Profile

Kind, intelligent, and caring are the best three words to describe Ariana. Her smile will capture your heart. Ariana has the ability to capture the heart of anyone. She loves to make people laugh and has the potential to be successful in life.

Ariana has lost a lot of important people in her life by way of many circumstances. This has caused her to be critical of others’ "promises" and most have to earn her trust and respect.  Ariana needs a home that will provide her love, structure, and understanding as it is vital in working with this young lady. Ariana needs her space and loves to take naps.

 The family interested in placement of Ariana must be open to allowing her continued contact with those relationships from her past that have withstood the test of time.

If you have the energy and drive needed to keep up with this on the go girl, we would love to hear from you!