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Personal Details
Child ID: C2000
Status: Active
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Child Profile

Cody is a warm, friendly youth who is quick to make a joke and likes to laugh and smile. He engages easily and is a great conversationalist.

He loves animals and being outdoors. A favorite activity is searching for snakes, lizards, and turtles; and Cody’s favorite animal is the bearded lizard. He loves all reptiles and wants to be a zoologist one day. Cody can name and identify any lizard or snake and has no fear in handling the largest snakes.

Among Cody’s talents is dancing, and beat-boxing. He loves all kinds of music, especially R&B.

Cody also likes to read and loves stories about superheroes. Cody is good at school, especially Science class, and is an honor roll student.

When not in school or looking for lizards, Cody watches funny videos and movies; the funnier the better. Cody’s favorite actor is Jim Carrey and he loves the movie The Mask.

Cody is a special youth who can light up a room with his jokes and talk for hours.

Desired Family

Cody would do well in a family that likes the outdoors and animals. Cody has a big personality and is very engaging and a great conversationalist. His parents need to be able to banter back and forth with Cody and keep him engaged. He also would benefit from parents that will assist him and put resources in place to assist him in reaching his educational goals of being a zoologist.