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Personal Details
Child ID: C2025
Status: Active
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Multi-Racial

Child Profile

Maleighla is a shy, friendly teen.  Maleighla enjoys doing crafts, from put together crafts to scrapbooks.  Maleighla likes listening to music and hanging out with friends.  Maleighla is in the 8th grade and enjoys school.  Her new school would be very important to her.  Art is one of her favorite subjects.  She likes participating in school activities/clubs. She is currently exploring the volleyball team.   She is proud of being announced a Star of the month at her school.  She enjoys attending church and being involved in the church's youth group.  Maleighla loves shopping and travel around to different places.  She likes to dance and prefers hip hop and ballet.  She likes horseback riding.

Desired Family

Maleighla is looking for a caring, interactive and understanding family.  Maleighla would love to have siblings and some animals.  She isn't sure on the setting of city vs country and is willing to explore this.  For her the school setting is important.