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Personal Details
Child ID: C2171
Status: Active
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Black/African Descent

Child Profile

Danasia is a sweet and thoughtful young lady.  She likes attending.  Danasia feels that family and friends are important.  She wants to get a good education and be successful in life.  Danasia has expressed an interest in traveling and getting to "experience all the amazing things in the world."  Danasia enjoys drawing, painting, swimming, singing, dancing, soccer, movies, cooking, and board games. 

Danasia is very excited and happy about having a permanent family.  She wants to be very involved in the process of finding a family and is open to meeting families.

Desired Family

Danasia is very open to adoptive families.  She does not have her mind set on what the family dynamics look like.  

Danasia has educational goals and wants to go to college.  At this time, her career goals are to become a professional model or to work in a branch of National Security.  

At her current foster home, Danasia has a good relationship with the foster mother.  She needs parents who are going to be there for her and spend time with her.  At times, when Danasia is upset she will seek out the foster mother to vent and process.