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Personal Details
Child ID: C2185
Status: Active
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Child Profile

Destiny is a happy young lady with lots of personality. Destiny is a typical teen girl who likes make up, polishing her nails and doing different things with her hair. She likes to dance, sing, and listen to music. She likes listening to Rap and Hip Hop.


Destiny reports she likes helping people and wants to be a nurse. She states she likes to swim and loves to write and would like to write books.


Destiny is very helpful.  Destiny reports her favorite color is blue and her favorite food is Mac & Cheese. She enjoys watching scary movies, romance and musicals.

Desired Family

Destiny would benefit from a family consisting of a mother and father that will assist her in adjusting to the teen years.   The parents should be energetic, outgoing and patient.