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John Thomas

Personal Details
Child ID: C247
Status: Active
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Child Profile

JT has been in the custody of Harrison County DJFS/PCSA since 2004 and in permanent custody since April 2006. He has been in 4 different foster homes.  JT is currently in a group home. 

JT is in the 10th grade at a local high school. He receives As and Bs in school through his special education classes.  JT loves old cars.  He isn't sure whether his favorite car is a 55 or 57 chevy.  He states he "doesn't like the 56 Chevies because they look too much like a Ford. " JT responds well to praise, rewards, outings and money/allowance. He also enjoys one on one time with adults.  JT is learning independent living skills. He does wash his own laundry and is learning skills that will help him when he ages out of foster care.  Due to his special needs, JT will need a family who is willing to continue to guide him once he turns 18.