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Personal Details
Child ID: C329
Status: Active
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Black/African Descent

Child Profile

Malayshia is twelve years old. Upon first meeting Malayshia she can present very shy.  Once she is comfortable with a person, Malayshia has a warm personality and a contagious laugh. Malayshia likes to do many activities throughout the day to keep busy.  She enjoys going to see movies and shopping for anything.  Malayshia loves Miley Cyrus, Hanna Montana, Bratz dolls, and Sponge Bob. Malayshia loves to play and enjoys being the center of attention.  Malayshia likes to stay active and can sometimes play independently.

Malayshia is engaged in therapy and has made progress.  

Desired Family

Malayshia would do best in a two parent household.  Malayshia requires a lot of time and attention.  Since Malayshia likes to stay busy, she would do best with a family who stays active and participates in a lot of activities.  Malayshia will also need a family that is flexible with their schedule to help with her appointments.  Malayshia will also need a family who is able to advocate for her educational needs.