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Personal Details
Child ID: C341
Status: Active
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Child Profile

Ashley is an outgoing, friendly, and loving girl who is full of energy. Ashley has soft wavy brown hair with sparkling brown eyes. Her vivacious personality enters the room before she does! Ashley loves to entertain and enjoys talking about anything. She wants everyone to know she would like to swim with dolphins and own a horse someday.

Ashley is always on the go, looking to explore something new. Her creativity and artistic abilities are well known. She enjoys making crafts and art projects with markers, stickers, and any other creative element she can find. Ashley likes to sew and is excited about her new sewing machine. Like many other girls her age, Ashley thinks Harry Potter is great and has announced plans to marry him. Ashley has fun playing board games and trying to beat people at her Wii games, both of which reveal Ashley’s competitiveness! She likes jumping on the trampoline, riding her bike, and trying “gymnastics moves” in the yard.

She enjoys learning about things that interest her, especially anything related to science. Ashley shares “I love making experiments”. 

Desired Family

Ashley is thriving in her placement with success due in part to the parenting style of her current caregiver. The caregiver is actively involved in many activities with Ashley and shares there is never a dull moment. Ashley needs caregivers who are committed and who will advocate and provide support. Caregivers should be flexible, understanding, patient, and open to creative and non-traditional parenting approaches. Ashley will best relate to older children and should be the youngest in the home. She would like to continue attending church and is looking forward to being baptized when she is old enough.