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Personal Details
Child ID: C437
Status: Active
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Child Profile

Although he can be described as bold and athletic, Alec has a quiet side and he enjoys writing down his thoughts. Alec says he finds writing to be therapeutic and has learned how to better express his feelings through letters. This thoughtful teen also plays all sorts of sports.

Being a social teenager with an outgoing personality means Alec is never at a loss for buddies. Those around him say he is witty and his lighthearted approach to life lends to a great sense of humor. This eager young man has a strong desire to enter the military or attend college after high school.  

This great kid would benefit tremendously from a family who will devote their time and attention to him. Alec says he would like to be adopted by young parents who will support him and provide structure. Ideally, he would like a family to take vacations with, something he has never had a chance to do as part of a family.

To learn more about this dynamic young man, check out his video.