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Personal Details
Child ID: C526
Status: Inactive
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Asian

Child Profile

Suzanne is a very energetic, social pre-teen who enjoys talking to and hanging out with her friends.  She likes to be outdoors riding her bike or walking.

 Suzanne has a strong will and determination, can be polite and shows off her smile.  She enjoys watching scary movies, shopping and playing chess.  Suzanne also likes to go swimming and doing her hair and make up.  She loves to go out to eat and helping in the kitchen, her specialty is cooking steak.  Suzanne has very high test scores on academic achievement tests schoringin the advanced range.

Suzanne expresses interest in living in a two parent home with siblings close to her age.

Suzanne is not currently available for adoption.  Homestudies are not being accepted at this time.