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Personal Details
Child ID: C796
Status: Active
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Child Profile

Tanner longs to live with a dedicated, loving family.  Can you make this happen?  He responds best to parental structure, consistency and realistic expectations.

Tanner enjoys building with legos, bike rides, barnyard chores and outdoor activities.  He enjoys video games, but struggles, so these should be time-limited or reward limited.  He is an inquisitive, caring child. 

 He is learning to read with first readers and needs your support to learn.  He benefits from a supportive classroom setting.

Tanner is making progress in his sibling relationships and requires parental intervention in this area.

Tanner is a bright remarkable child in many ways who can bring happiness to your family if your family brings permanency to him.

Desired Family

Tanner does well with two parent families as well as a single parent who has supportive services/family willing to help. He does best where he can receive much attention, without having to compete for it.

He would do best with a family that understands early trauma and who can help Tanner to manage his hurts to secure permanency for him.