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Personal Details
Child ID: C1983
Status: Active
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Child Profile

Meet Dominic.  He is a very outgoing nine year old boy who loves playing with remote control cars and Legos in addition to playing video games.  Dominic enjoys being outside especially if he can go fishing and swimming.  

Dominic will tell you he is a "country boy" but he is open to living in the country or the city.  He will also let you know he likes to go out to eat at City Barbeque where he can get his favorite food, BBQ ribs.  Dominic enjoys going on outings and being active.

Dominic wants potential families to know that he is a nice kid who likes to share with others.  He is also very helpful.  Dominic also wants families to know that he has six siblings who he loves very much and he would like to maintain contact with them.



Desired Family

Dominic needs a family who has an understanding of trauma and child development. Potential families need to be able to be an active part of Dominic's team and also allow Dominic to maintain contact with his siblings.  Dominic responds well to structure and being busy.  He would also do best with families that do not have a large number of children in the home. Dominic is very good with little children.



If you think your family is a good fit for Dominic, please contact Kelly Sowder at Kelly.Sowder@jfs.ohio.gov