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Personal Details
Child ID: C2307
Status: Active
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Multi-Racial

Child Profile

When you meet Dameatrus, he will tell you to call him "Meechy."  Meechy is the nickname a birth family member gave him. He prefers that everyone call him Meechy.

Meechy can set and play with legos all day.  He likes to show what he can make with his legos.  Meechy also enjoys playing Fortnite.  In addition, Meechy likes movies and anything that has to do with superheroes. His favorite superhero is Spider-Man.

Meechy has siblings that are in separate placements and contact with them is important.

Desired Family

Meechy would do best in a small family that is structured yet very nurturing. The family size should be small.  The family would also need to be open to contact with siblings.