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Success Stories

Read about a few of the phenomenal families who, in the course of making a difference in a child's life, also had their own life-changing experiences:

"My daughter was an infant when she became a part of our family in 1991.  She had a very rocky start in life, but was a very bright, happy, spunky infant.  The first several months, she would not sleep in a small room, or in a room with doors closed, so she and I slept in the family room.  I remember, she hated me at first, and would only let me touch her when she took her bottle, or for a bath.  She did bond immediately with her three older brothers, who were equally in love with her immediately!!  That bond is even stronger today, to the point that no one ever asks if any of the kids are adopted!!!   My little girl is now 21 years old, and carries my heart with her whereever she goes!  She is in college, living on campus, and Mom is in the throws of "empty nest syndrome".  Even so, I am so proud!!!  We weren't given any grand hopes for our prescious liyle angel.  Her birth mother had used drugs, and then neglected the baby after birth.  She did have special needs, don't we all. 

My oldest son and I talked today about her recent independence, my longing for my baby girl, and the new journey the two of us find ourselves in.  My oldest son is a minister, and always seems to have a different perspective.  He said she is "normal".  She is spreading her wings.  She has made a "disability" into something "normal" fir her, and is now making the best choices for her life.  I still miss her terribly, but it is a bittersweet heartache, as I watch my darling baby girl (who many thought would spend her life in an institution) grow into a beautiful, independant, well educated young woman. Thank You.  Special Thanks to Clermont County Social Services, and Brenda Fogle especially!!!!"

-- Susan's Momma

"During 2008, even though we wanted to adopt a newborn, we applied for several children on the Ohio photo listing, but one little girl especially touched our hearts and we couldn't get her off our minds!  I carried her picture around with me (and still have it!).  Not until January of 2009 did we hear we were chosen to adopt that little girl and her brother.  In April of 2009, they came to live with us and permanently became part of our family in October of 2009.  Our family has not been the same!  We had a biological child already, but these two completed us!  They have been a true joy and as so many have said, we have been blessed beyond belief!  Of course, there have been ups and downs, but there is with biological children and it is so worth it!   Because we believe in adoption so much, we have even helped start a ministry at our church for foster care and adoption.  If you are just thinking about this whole process, continue on...you will not be disappointed!"

 -- Chris & Barb